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Using a game night as a reward for your kids can be a great way to encourage positive behavior with them, instead of threatening with punishment.  All to often I think we all fall into the trap of focusing on the negative side of this problem instead of the positive side.

Rewards Versus Punishments

Let me start off with a short story back from when I was an Assistant Store Manager for a mobile phone carrier.

It was the end of the year and my manager and I had to do our end of year review report.  As we were doing the chart for the one add on feature, there was a huge spike in the middle of the year that was way above any other month.  It was even one of the first questions that our boss asked us about when he looked at the report.

Feature Chart With SpikeWhat had happened that month?  Well the company had instead of paying the normal commission for the feature, they were paying $6, which was triple the normal amount.  Instead of the normal 2% that month, we had 98% of our customers take that feature.

This was one of the first times that this lesson began to sink in on me.  Frequently in sales I see companies focusing on the punishments for not living up to expectations, rather then focusing on giving a reward for living up to them.  As time went on I realized that when we focused on the rewards for positive behavior versus the opposite, we saw much better results.

Rewarding With A Game Night

Moving In the Right Direction
Keep moving in a positive direction!

So with taking the above example in mind, I would ask you to explore the concept of using a game night as a reward for good behavior versus reminding your kids of the punishments for negative behavior.  This is just one small step that you can take to keep behavior going in the right direction.

We have found with our kids that putting a system in place that gives them a reward for good behavior has worked astonishingly well.  They can earn tickets at school for various positive things, and we decided that we use them along with their behavior at home to earn a reward at the end of the week.

I nearly choked at dinner one night when it was just my youngest two and I.  We were talking about playing a game after dinner when my daughter suggested that they should clean up their room first.

It was just one of those moments where I saw a direct result of our new program and one that I would not have gotten with focusing on the negative.  I was so proud of them that night that we ended up playing the game a bit past bedtime!

So whether you choose a game night as a reward or if you do something else, just remember that if you go down the positive road, you will get positive results.

Wrap Up

I would love to hear about ways that you use to reinforce positive behavior with your kids in the comment section below.  Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  I will promptly reply and have also provided you with a checkbox so you can get an email notification if you want.

Thank you for stopping by.

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10 Replies to “Using A Game Night As A Reward”

  1. Haha, I love this post and it’s so true! When I was a kid my mom took this to an extreme. We had a pool table at my house, I always loved playing pool but it was loud, I was young.. I could only really play when I was home alone. Anyway, she made up a point system where I earned points based on positive behavior: in school at home, etc. There was also a rewards sheet from which I could “buy” rewards. “Play pool with mom” was by far and away the most expensive reward. Sleep over a friends house: the cheapest. Hahah.

    Great post and a great idea!

    • Dev, Thanks for sharing your story I really appreciate that. Its good to hear from someone that experienced the positive side. I like how getting you out of her hair for the night was the cheapest, sounds like a trick I would use… lol.

  2. This was a very nicely written article and I enjoyed the read. You have some great ideas and I definitely agree with you on focusing on positive reinforcement rather than negative punishment. Game nights are one excellent idea for a reward. It was nice to read how well it’s working with your own kids. I loved the story about your daughter suggesting they should clean their rooms before playing games. =) Keep it up!

    • Thanks a lot Rachel, I really appreciate your feedback. The kids are definitely loving playing the games and it is also a great way to keep them focused too. I was ecstatic when my daughter suggested that, it just really validated everything for me.

    • Thanks for stopping by Roy. I am glad you were happy with your experience here. I hope that you stop back many more times!

  3. I am fully supporting this idea of positive rather and punish.. Game night can be a great way to encourage positive attitudes in children! In my family we love to play bingo and even sometimes use change that has been gathered throughout the days, we say you get one bingo card free and then you can buy more if you want. very loose rules, we love to have fun and help each other! thanks!

    • Matt, I appreciate your support and am thankful for you sharing your families experience. I have found that playing games with the kids give so many opportunities to teach them about so many different aspects of life.

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