The Paper Football Game

Paper Football
When is the last time you played?


I have been watching NFL football since as long as I can remember.  So when my friends and I came across the paper football game when we were young, we loved it.  We would play it all the time, at school during indoor recess and at home too.  Did you ever play any versions of this game yourself?

How To Make A Paper Football

Take one rectangle piece of paper and follow these simple directions:

Paper Football Half Fold
Step 1 – Fold paper in half length wise until you have a 1-2 inch strip.
Paper Football First Fold
Step 2 – Pull folded corner up and across to form triangle.
Paper Football Last Fold
Step 3 – Keep folding the triangle up the paper until there is not enough room for another triangle.
Paper Football Tuck Fold
Step 4 – Fold the angled corner down. This piece will be tucked into the inside of the football.
Paper Football
Step 5 – Tuck the extra paper into the top fold of the football.

How To Play The Game

Now that you have your football are you ready to play the game?  Great, let’s find an area to play!  You will need an area that can be divided in half and will have straight edges on the ends, a square or rectangle area works best.

Players will then take turns flicking the football back and forth trying to score.  While the football stays on the table, you must flick it from where it is.  If the ball goes off of the edge of the table, the player may return the football by tossing it (you may not reach across the table) or placing it on his “20 yard line” and flicking it back.

Paper Football Touchdown
The football comes to a stop hanging over the edge for a Touchdown!!

To get a touchdown, the ball must end up hanging off the edge of your opponent’s endzone.  As long as any part of the football is across the edge, it counts as a Touchdown.  A score here is either worth 7 or 6 if you are using extra points (see below).

If the football does not make it halfway across the table, then the opposing player may attempt a Field Goal attempt from where the ball sits.  To kick the ball you tee it up from one of its points and try to flick it through the uprights.  To make the uprights, you put your extended pointer fingers together and stick up you thumbs.  You can also choose to do extra points after TDs this way.

Winning the game can be done in one of two fashions.  The first is to play for a certain period of time with the highest score at the end of time winning.  The other way is to set a certain score limit, such as the first person to 35 wins.  Whatever route you go, just make sure everyone is in agreement before the game starts.

Wrap Up

One of the nice things about this game is the flexibility of it.  Only needing a piece of paper and a small area, you can play it in a lot of different places.  Of curse I would recommend not using the kicks if you are waiting for your food at a restaurant!

I hope that if you have never played this game before that you give it a try.  I know that has entertained my friends, family, and I for years.

Paper Football
Are you ready to play football?

If you still have any questions on how to make the football or play the game, please just let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to help you promptly.  Also, if you have an stories or different rules that you use, please feel free to share them with us as well.

James W D

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6 Replies to “The Paper Football Game”

  1. Interesting. Doesn’t sound like it’ll be too hard to adapt it to English football (or soccer as it’s called in the US).

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Ken. The game has been around a long time, but I have never seen a soccer variation. Would love to see how that would work, I am just not that experienced soccer.

  2. I’ve never seen this before but sounds funny! I have no idea about football but I may give it a try in its soccer variation 🙂

  3. I remember playing this so much in school, such a long time ago. It was a favorite in jr high because we would fold our notes like that and flick them across the room to each other, lol. The teacher thought we were just playing a game fortunately and never opened them! Thanks for reminding me of that. I think I’ll get my fiance to play some paper football tonight 🙂

    • I can not say that we never passed notes in them either, kids always seem to find a work around with teachers don’t they? Glad I was able to spark some good memories for you and I hope you guys have fun tonight!

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