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This was one of the games that we picked up for the kids this last holiday season.  I had always enjoyed the Battleship board game growing up and I wanted to share that with my kids.  I also think that the game has some nice benefits for a young mind with the simple strategies of playing.

Battleship By Hasbro Box
Battleship by Hasbro, the classic naval combat game.

Battleship By Hasbro

  • Age – 7+
  • Players – 2
  • Playtime – Short (15-30 minutes)


  • Strategy
  • Capture or Eliminate
  • Luck

How To Play

Battleship By Hasbro Ship Setup
Set your ships up in your ocean without the other player seeing!

The game of Battleship requires two players to play and they should be sitting opposite each other.  Each player gets their own board which they flip open and sit back to back with their opponent’s board.  This way neither player can see their opponent’s ocean or where there ships are located.

Each player secretly hides their ships on their ocean map, making sure that they all fall within the zone and not over top of any letters or numbers on the grid.  Once everyone is set up you start taking turns taking 1 shot at your opponent’s fleet.  Shots are then fired back and forth until only one fleet is left sailing.

To take a shot at you opponent, you call out a combination of a lettered row and a numbered column.  The letters range from A-J and the numbers from 1-10, so you could call any combination such as B3.  Your opponent will then tell you if you either missed or if you hit one of their ships.  On a hit the opponent must tell you which ship was hit and mark it with a red damage peg.  On a hit or miss when you call a shot, you mark your firing zone with the proper colored peg.

In this case, B3 was a hit. The following shots called around were misses, but now we know which direction the ship is.

A common strategy when you get a hit is to call the surrounding spaces to figure out where the ship is.  Since ships can only be placed horizontally and vertically there are only four options.  In the case above, the attacker was not lucky with his next three shots but now he knows which way the ship is going.


Battleship By Hasbro Game Play
Sturdy case with secure places to store all of the pieces needed to play.

The biggest positive is that the game is very easy to play and just about anyone of appropriate age can play and win.  Along with that there are subtle strategies to placing your ships and how you call your shots.

I am very happy with the construction of the game as well.  The cases appear durable and store all of the pieces within them.  The pegs fit properly in the holes and I had no issues with placing or removing them.  The game also came with more then enough pegs as I had extra that did not fit in the cases.

Lastly, the game offers some flexibility with a couple of advanced rules.  The first is by firing a salvo of shots equal to the number of ships that you still have afloat each turn.  The other rule is to not have to tell you opponent which ship that they hit.


The biggest challenge for this game is how easy it is too cheat or even just accidentally seeing your opponents ships.  As a parent you will need to keep an eye on groups of kids playing to make sure that no one is helping the players.  I remember playing this game in school and depending on who you played, there were often spies telling where ships were.

The one improvement that could have been done to the actual board would have been to make the numbers and letters easier to read.  As it is they are the same color as the board and can be a little hard to see.

The only other real challenge to the game that I have seen is that luck can be the primary factor in who wins the game.  This can be frustrating to some players as the strategies of this game only go so far.

Battleship By Hasrbo You Sank My Battleship
You Sank My Battleship!!


This was one of my favorite childhood games and I spent many an hour playing it.  I was happy to see that today’s version of it was a quality game.  My kids now enjoy it, and it is easy enough for them to play on their own with each other or their friends as well.

I would definitely recommend this game to be a part of your collection.  With the ease of play and the short time window needed, it can be played at various times of the day.

Wrap Up

I would love to hear any stories you have to share about this game.  With having been around for so long I am sure there are some great ones to hear!  Also if you have any questions about the game, please leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them for you.

If you would like to purchase the game for your family, you can get Battleshiphere.  We would certainly appreciate your support of this site.

James W D

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21 Replies to “Review Of The Battleship Board Game By Hasbro”

  1. Hi James,
    I remember that game well, I used to play it with my grandsons. It has been a while now since they have both grown up. Thanks for the memories.

    • You are welcome! I have many memories of this game as well. Often takes me back to second grade when this was the hottest game to play when we had to have recess inside.

  2. When I think back to what games I played when I was younger I have to say the one that sticks out in my mind is Battleship. Just love the game and it never gets old. Fantastic post. You have put me in the mood for playing now. 🙂

    • Battleship is definitely one of those games that I played a lot as a kid, especially in school. I was very happy with that latest addition here as some other old favorites have not be kept up to date quality wise.

  3. Battleship!! Great post, James! I miss these games a lot. Battleship was always one of my favorite board games as a kid. Many fights started over my cheating friends and their flippin diagonal placement.. Lousy cheats.. LOL. Anyway, excellent review- very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Unfortunately cheating is just one of those things where you will have to let karma handle things. People are going to do it and it is best to just let them go. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Wow. I remember playing this game like almost 30 years ago. I didn’t realise you could still buy this game…

    Then again, I’ve seen games like Enchanted Forest at Amazon…

    • Hasbro makes a fair amount of old games still. The old favorites never really die. I still get a chuckle when I see the kids playing the same games I did when I was a kid. Gives me some hope for us all.

  5. gosh I used to play this with my mom.. I loved it. nice to see they didn’t change it and that you can actually still enjoy some of these wonderful games offline! thanks for bringing back sweet memories 🙂

    • Yes the reduced quality bug that has hit some other classic games seems to have steered clear of this one. Glad I was able to bring back some memories for you, that is in part of why I do this site — to help rekindle the good memories of how we used to play and the benefits of those games.

  6. Wow James! You brought me back to some of the fun memories of playing this game with my best friend, who actually went on to serve in the Navy. 🙂 We used to play this game growing up. Another game we liked playing was a variation of this game called Sub Search. – Great post!

    • Glad to hear that Robert! I don’t recall Sub Search, though I did play an early computer game with my dad based off of subs. He had served in the Navy on a sub, so I got to have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

  7. Great job. I like the headings explaining what you will be talking about. I like the layout and that you give both the positives and the negatives for the game.

    • I try to give a fair review of the game and look at it from various different angles. That way a parent can make an educated decision on whether or not they buy the game for their family.

  8. Another great review on a top quality game James. I recall playing Battleships many times when I was a young tacker. You’re right about watching out for those spies when playing in groups, I had a little chuckle when I read that as it was a common tactic when I was playing at school as well.

    • It is a fun game to play and I was definitely taken back to my early days of gaming when we got this again. I was just happy that the quality of the game was up to par as I have seen a lot of other classics lose out in that category.

  9. Good review of the game. You comment on all the areas your customers would like to know about. Your presentation is very nice. Great looking website. Good job.

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