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Hi all!!     James

My name is James and I have created this site to help cultivate my passion for games. I have been playing games since I was a wee lad and have never stopped! From Tic-Tac-Toe to so very complex wargames, I have evolved over the years.

This site’s main goal is to create a community of people who also share the same passion for gaming that I do. From there we can share ideas with each other in a manner that will also let new people learn about our passion.

I do ask for some patience for those that find me here in the near future as I am still in the learning process for this whole webpage creation bit. I am always open to feedback and just ask that you please keep it in a constructive manner whether its positive or negative.

I plan on working up a game review page yet as well as keeping posts coming here with new insights I find along the way. Again I am looking to build a community here so please share what you can! Questions will be answered as promptly as I am able. Ideas & tips will be shared as well!

Thank you very much for stopping by & good gaming to you & your Family!    Dice

James W D

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  1. Hey James, the idea of having fun and games as a family is something every family needs. I play games with my son using his Lego blocks and other toys. With my wife, brother-in-law and his wife, we have rounds of multiplayer Left For Dead 2 =) its all good fun and brings us closer as a family when we do meet up.

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