How Do You Improve Your Communication Skills With Games?



One of the great things about having a Family Game Night is all of the various benefits that come along with it.  Today I will be answering the question, “How do you improve your communication skills with board games?”

Increasing Your Vocabulary Skills

Looking back at my life I grew up playing games and this always gave me an advantage when it came to my vocabulary.  People where amazed at how well I could converse at young ages and often was thought to be older then I was.

Scrabble Dictionary
Lots of interesting words in here!

There is a wide variety of word games out there to choose from these days, but some of the classics that I grew up with were:  Boggle, Scrabble, & Upwards.  All three of these games challenge the mind to create words using random letters.  What is great about these games is that you learn by being creative and by observing what others are able to come up with.

If you are looking to improve how you communicate, using word based games will help you lay down a good foundation with your expanded vocabulary.  I would recommend picking up a Scrabble Dictionary or two as they really help with game play and learning new words.

Interactions In A Group Setting

The other way that board games help develop your communication skills is by putting you into a group setting.  The more time you spend in a group setting communicating with other people, the more experience you will have.

When I was about 8 or 9 I started playing the Role Playing Game Dungeons & Dragons.  This game really helped me come out of my shell as I was a very shy kid.  Role Playing games of any variety are great games for enhancing your communication abilities.  They put you in a position of being a character and having to think how they would act and not yourself.  This is a great way for your mind to develop in many ways.

Family Playing A Board Game
Monopoly is another good game to build your communication skils. Bill Branson (Photographer)

Also, look for board games that involve cooperative play.  My family and I recently purchased a game called Castle Panic that uses this mechanic.  It quickly became one of our favorite games to play and I particularly enjoyed how it focused the kids to work together with each other.  Watching them discuss what strategies to use and why they believed so was nice benefit of cooperative play.


Games are a great way to break down any barriers you have in communicating with others.  The game itself offers a distraction to the mind, which helps prevent you from worrying about talking with others.  So if your are looking to expand your horizons on the verbal front, grab a game and sit down with your family or friends.

I would love to hear about games that you play that involve good communications.  Please share them with us down in the comment section.  Also if you have any questions, ask them as well and I will make sure to answer them for you.

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James W D

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12 Replies to “How Do You Improve Your Communication Skills With Games?”

  1. You know i never thought of using board games as a way of improving communication skills. My boys get so caught up in video games it almost turns them into brain dead zombies. After reading your post i will be working board games into some family nights. Thanks for sharing James

    • Chris, I understand whole heartedly you situation. Video games still play a role in my household, but board games have become just as prominent now. The thing that I saw with my kids was that they enjoyed the variety a tabletop game gives versus the rigid rules/code that you have to stay within a video game.

    • Thanks for stopping by Christie. That is exactly why I started this site. To help people understand that playing games together brings so much more to the table then just a bit of fun.

  2. Hi James,

    Great post! Playing games is definitely turning into a thing of the past with all of these high tech games coming out. But you’re totally right, board games do help with communication skills and I often encourage my son to play them with his friends, not just with me. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kris, thanks for sharing your views. I agree on the board games, but you can also have good times with the high tech ones too. Still though, board games will generally do much better in this category.

    • Yes I definitely played it wrong as a kid. We also kept $500 in the middle if you landed on Free Parking. Eventually we also paid all the penalties to that kitty as well. I only recently learned about the right way to play when I played a game online. We need to get a new game as our last one found an unfortunate demise. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post, as always James! I totally agree with you, games are an excellent way to build rapport with others. For me, they taught me a lot about what is and is not acceptable to just blurt out to people. My filter was poor, you could say haha. Thanks for the helpful post!

  4. If anyone wanted to improve their communication skills, you the man for the job! I like how you provide way to deal with this through games. Way to go man!

    • The Benefits of games and playing them goes well beyond communication skills as well. I will be showing many more as time goes by.

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