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Today I wanted to take a few minutes to review some helpful board game ideas. There are a couple different categories that I will review today:

• Board Game Storage
• Board Game Pieces
• Set up & Break Down
• Game Paly Area

Board Game StorageBoard Game Storage

When storing your games there are several things that you need to keep in mind. First you will want make sure that they are up off the ground and not against a wall to avoid moisture buildup. I generally recommend that you keep your games on a shelf as that makes it the easiest to access. Another good way of storing your games is in a plastic tub. This helps keep all kinds of trouble at bay, but can make access to the games a little more difficult. Try using clear plastic tubs so you can see through to the games inside.
By keeping your games in an organized fashion they will last much longer and offer many years of family entertainment. It is simple things like a little organization that can go such a long way.

Board Game Pieces

they-are-waiting-for-a-game-133810-mAnother point I have brought up before and will again here, is to use sealable plastic baggies for the pieces in each game. I don’t mean to be redundant, but this can save a lot of frustration with pieces getting lost. There is nothing worse than getting all excited to play a game, only to find out you can’t because there are pieces missing. When playing a game, if certain pieces are not being used let them in the bag.

Getting extra pieces for your favorite games is also another good idea. When you have those family favorite games, it is good to get some duplicate pieces when you can. I will keep an eye out at yard sales, as you can pick up games or pieces on the cheap there. Having those extra pieces on hand just could save the day.

One last thing I recommend to do is to always keep any old game pieces. These can come from games that served their time, or are missing other key parts. These pieces themselves could become replacements for other games, or be used to make up games as well. You can find cheap assortment boxes at a craft shop to help store these extras as well.

Set Up & Break Down

During your Family Game Night, only have one game box open at a time. This will help prevent any cross contamination of pieces or parts. Setting up one game at a time and breaking it down and putting it completely away in its box before the next game comes out should be routine for your family.

Any extra pieces that are not being used should be kept in their bags and in the box. Also, make sure to keep the rules in a safe place, again I recommend that they stay in the box unless needed. Basically, just take out what you need each time and leave the rest in the box.

When you are putting a game away be very careful to make sure that everything makes it back into the box. One of the easiest ways to lose a game piece is to not get it back in its bag & box after the game. Another fun thing to do is if you had to keep score of the game on paper, keep that in the box as well. I know when I was growing up we always did this and I found it fun to be able to look back at the previous games.

Game Play Area

As simple as this sounds, sometimes it is not. First, you will want make sure your table or play area is completely clean. This means to not only clear things off of the table but to spray it with cleaner, wipe it down, and let it dry. This simple step will help to keep your games in good condition.

Kitchen Table

Second, have a drink and snack area set up off to the side of the table. You don’t want an accidental spill to mess up your game and its components. Snacks & drinks are great to have during your family time, but you just need to take a little extra precaution with them.

Lastly, make sure you have a comfortable area to play in. You will want good lighting so that everyone can see clearly. Having comfortable chairs can make a big difference as well. As simple as these little things sound, overlooking them can cause many problems for your game night.

Wrap upQuestion Sign

Thanks for stopping by and visiting, I really appreciate it. If you have any questions please leave them below and I will do my best to answer them for you. Also, if you have any tips or ideas to share please do so! Lastly, if there are any topics that you would like to hear more about please feel free to let me know.

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