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Today I am going to review the game Headbanzby Spin Master.

Age Range: 7+
Players: 2-6
Time Frame: 15-30 minutes

Game Basics

The basic idea of the game is that each player has a card that they have not seen on their forehead. Then by asking only questions they have to guess what is on their card. You use a sand timer for each person’s turn.


The game is pretty easy to set up and the head bands fit all sizes of heads, including my unusually large one. The cards slide easily into the head band very easily and stay put. The game is a little more mobile than most games and can be played in the living room as easy as the kitchen.

We have had a ton laughs playing this game and it can very easily get a group giggle going! The game itself also very flexible and you can make your own House Rules to play with.

This game also crossed well over all of the age ranges of our family. Not only did our younger children enjoy it, but our teenager did too. Heck, this game even works well for all adults too!


Sometimes it can be hard to remember which questions you asked on a previous turn. We normally did a quick review before starting the timer. You also have to be careful of mirrors! Don’t play in an area where there is a mirror and don’t forget to take your head band off before going into the bathroom.

The sand timer can be hard to watch which can create uneven lengths of turns. Make sure that you pay attention to it for fairness sake.

OverallThumbs Up

Overall I do recommend this game for your family. It quickly became a family favorite for us when it joined our collection.

Personally some of my favorite moments of this game are when someone picks a new card and puts it on their head. The reactions of the other players that can see the card versus the player that cannot were quite amusing. Also, there are several images that the kids always thought were funny and that always helped with the laugh factor.

If you have this game or played it, please feel free to share your experiences! If you have any questions about the game please feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

If you would like to purchase this game for your family and help support this site, please click here for Hedbanz!

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