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Not every game comes in a box, as there are many games that you can easily play around the house.  Family House Games may not even require any investment other then time.  So what is one of these games?

Hide & Seek

Hide & SeekOne of my favorite games to play with the kids is the classic game of Hide & Seek.  While at first you may think that it won’t be fun or there is nowhere to hide in your house, trust me in that you will have fun and there are plenty of places to hide.

Currently I live in a small town house and we keep the space fairly open.  In order to help facilitate a good game of Hide & Seek, we turn down the lights to minimum levels.  This will help create shadows to hide in, which is especially nice for us parents.  While we don’t have a ton of different places to hide in our home, we always have fun doing so.

If you’re concerned that this is not a fun game, I challenge you to try it and not giggle when your child wonders past your hiding spot looking for you.  That is a feat that is not very easy at all.  Also, whether or not you find the game fun, your children will love to play this game with you and that in itself is worth it.

Add in a TwistSophie

Another twist we add to this game is adding in the family dog.  Our dog Sophie was very attached to my wife and when playing we found that the dog would often help the seeker find her.  Then the game twisted to put the dog in the bathroom, and see how long it would take her to find my wife.  After a while, we were able to train her to also to look for other people as well.

Set Up the Game

Don’t forget to set up clear rules for the game.  Make sure you have a spot for the seeker to count from and know which rooms or floors are aloud to be hidden on.  Set up a time limit for the game, and also make sure to give a warning when time is running low.


One great benefit that I was able to pass onto my kids through out this game was dealing with the limited lights.  When the kids were younger they did not like the lights going off as it scared them.  However, with a little patience and positive encouragement, we were able to help them overcome their fear of the dark.

Another benefit of this game is that it can help your younger children sharpen their counting skills.  Every time they are the seeker they get to practice counting, and you can keep adding a few numbers to count up to as they go.

Wrap Up

As always I ask that you please ask any questions you may have, as well as sharing any tips or ideas as well.  I will do my best to answer questions and to share valuable tips & ideas.



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11 Replies to “Family House Games – Hide & Seek”

  1. I love this sight. Who would have known to help others find family games? I especially liked the adding a twist by including your dog! People just don’t really have the time to plan and organize ahead of time these days and you are making it easier for them to do that.

    • Thanks Sia. I just want to share with people how to help their family have closer bonds. I figured if I can do some of the leg work it might make it easier for families that are pressed for time.

  2. Love this post! I loved having game nights with my family when I was growing up.

    One BIG tip, though! If you are playing hide and seek TAG: DON’T WEAR SOCKS- Play barefoot or in shoes. I’ll never forget, I was probably 9 years old playing with my older sisters and my sister slipped while running and ended up on crutches for several months.

    Either way this is an awesome idea/post! Another game I loved playing with my family growing up is Mexican Train Domino’s. Lot’s of fun and the benefits of family game nights are endless!

    Great post!

  3. Hi enjoyed reading your post and its simplicity! Hide and Seek is a lost (game) art! I love the twist and rules you added! Look forward to more! Tina

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