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One great way to get your entertainment on a budget is with board games.  Many other forms of fun are seeing a rise in pricing and leaves you with very little value after the fact.  Today I will show you just how effective having a family game night can be.

Board Games Are Budget Friendly

Save Money With Budget Friendly Board Games
Save money with budget friendly board games

The one main thing about what makes a board game effective in this role, is that once it is purchased you do not have to spend money to play it again.  As long as you take care of the game and store it properly, it will be a long lasting member of your game collection.

There are also other positive aspects that will help keep your expenditures down.  With gas prices these days, staying in for a night of gaming can certainly help save.  Also, you can prepare your own foods which is always more cost effective than eating out.  Lastly, many forms of entertainment that you go out to these days cost a fair amount of money and are once and done.

As we talked about back during Earth Day, they can also be a great way of going green for an evening.  So there is more money that can be saved by being able to turn off many of your household electronics.

Long Lasting Memories

While other forms of fun and games will certainly give you good memories, there is something about board games and the repetition of playing them that creates great memories.  I think that this is mainly because of the face to face interactions that table top gaming brings with it.

Remember that it is in our nature to be social and when we do activities that embrace that concept we will see better results and rewards for having done so.   It is those moments in games where coincidences and ironies happen that give the whole family a laugh and will be cherished at a higher level.

Apples to Apples Irony
One of the more ironic card plays from Apples To Apples that my family had. We really had a good laugh over this one.

My Family and I have a lot of memorable moments and one game in particular that has created quite a few is Apples To Apples.  To this day my youngest son, Alex, still has a fondness for the 1960’s after getting that card on multiple occasions.

Many Other Benefits Of A Game Night

Having a game night for your family has many benefits just in itself as you can see here on our benefits page.  However, outside of the benefits of playing the games there are still others to be had.

Bad Weather Good Time To Play Board Games
When the storms roll in, having some games handy can save the day!

A big one for board games is that they can travel well.  Very often I will get together with friends to play and we can bring games from one house to another.  They can also be a great item to take along on vacations as well.

Another great benefit is the wide variety of different types that are available.  You can easily pull out a classic game that everyone knows such as Clue or maybe a newer game like Apples To Apples, which is very easy for people pick up and play with no experience.

Wrap Up

All in all, setting up a game night with your favorite board games is a great way to save money for your family.  From being just a one time expense to all of the various other little ways that they can help save.  Add in all of the benefits available for your family and or friends, and you have yourself a great way to help keep your budget in tact.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to use the comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out.  If you have any stories that you can add, please do share with us!

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8 Replies to “Entertainment On A Budget – Board Games”

  1. My 2 boys just left today to go and spend some holiday time with their grandparents. Their Monopoly set has gone along, as well as some card games.

    • That is great to hear. Some of my first board game memories are playing Checkers with my Grandma. They are a great way to help Grandparents and grandchildren bond as well.

  2. We love family game night! My 7 yr old likes to set up multiple games, and we must play them all. These will be lifelong memories for her. I think we need some new games! I’m going to check out your reviews!

    • My youngest is 7 and he is about as eager as your daughter by the sounds of it. I don’t even have to finish my sentence asking if they want to play and he has already agreed! His favorite game in my reviews so far would be Castle Panic. My 10 year old daughter loves Apples To Apples and that game can be a lot of fun. There are now versions for the younger crowd too by the looks of it.

  3. Hey there James,
    I agree, once you purchase a game and keep it aside in a safe dry area; a closet for example on a shelf (next to other games that may be forgotten) and you can have fun over and over again with the family.
    Some games can be purchased with little investment as well. I recently bought a pack of Uno which costs under $10 and I have my daughter hooked on it. With that I know I will be spending a good part of Canada Day playing a few rounds with her on the table on the back deck providing it doesn’t get too humid. There is one example of a budget friendly suggestion as well. Keep up the good posts.


    • Mike you are very right in that there are also many games that are very affordable as well. I know we picked up some classics for the kids at very low costs for Christmas this last year, a couple under $15 each.

  4. I love playing board games with the family, not only is it fun it also teaches your kids valuable lessons I think. Stormy and rainy days, make good for game time which we all enjoy. We’ve even played when the electricity has gone out, a few strategically placed candles always does the trick.

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