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Looking for a creative way to play a game with your kids or friends?  Today I will be exploring drawing games for kids and adults, so grab you paper and your pencils!

Doodle Game

I was probably around 12 years old when I learned that my dad was actually my stepdad and that I had a biological father.  My mom wanted me to get to know him so Sunday’s became my day to hang out at his house.  After taking care of any chores we would always play a game and one of my favorites was the Doodle Game.

Doodle Game Example One
Start with a squiggle and end with a doodle.

The game is extremely simple and just a lot of fun.  To play the game all you need is paper and colored pencils or markers.  You can also play this game using Paint on your computer just as easy.  You take turns making a random squiggle or doodle on a piece of paper and then the other person would have to turn it into a drawing of sorts.

The game really challenges your visualization & creativity skills.  Do you see a whale, or maybe that’s a dog chasing a cat.  The combinations are nearly endless as each person has their own perspectives on it.

Doodle Game Example Two
From a scribble into funny bird.

When my family and I visit my father on Christmas Eve, we play this game while sitting around the fireplace as one of our traditions.  We come up with some crazy drawings and it is a game that everyone enjoys playing.  My father does like to keep the doodles from years prior and we also take time to reflect on them.

War Game – Capture the Flag

When I was a wee lad, my brother taught me how to play a war game on a piece of paper using just a pen or pencil.  We had a lot of fun playing the game over the years and it was one that I shared with many of my friends growing up.

War Setup
Basic game set up.

Each player gets one edge of the piece of paper, generally using the top and bottom.  Players agree on how much space they get to use for their territory, usually one to two inches.  In this space then you draw your land however you want too, as long as you stay within the defined space.  Lastly you then need to draw two bridges coming out from your land to meet in the middle of the map with the other players bridges.

Opening Moves
Opening moves – Flank Attacks

The next step is to determine what types of military are allowed to be used and how many of each type of unit.  My brother and I generally played with tanks, helicopters, & jets.  The tanks were squares, helicopters were asterisks, and jets were triangles.  You can add units or take away and play however you want to.  You also get to place your Flag somewhere in your territory.

War Early Moves
Flank attack continues as Left gains an edge.

On you turn you were allowed to take two actions and you could choose from either moving or firing.  To move, you would draw out a dotted line 10 dots long and draw your unit at the end and cross out the old one.  To fire you would put your pencil at the point of your unit and flick it across the paper towards your target.  If your fire line went through an enemy unit it would destroy that unit and stop there as you could not destroy more then one at a time.  Now you could move twice, fire twice, move then fire, or fire then move.

War Mid Game
Left side pressing Flank Attack advantage.

The ultimate goal of the game is to capture the enemy flag by getting a unit to move onto it.  The first person able to capture the enemy flag wins the game!

Box Game

My sister and I liked to play this game a lot and I think that most people will be familiar with it.  I know I see it often on kids placemats at restaurants and other similar activity books.

Box Game Early Comparison
Box Game Set up (left) and early game play (right)

To play you need to make a grid of dots in the form of a big square.  Then each player takes turns connecting two dots either up & down or side to side, no diagonal lines.  When a player completes the forth side of a box they put their initial or color the inside of the box and claim it as theirs.  Also, when you make a complete box, you get to go again!

Box Game End Comparison
Middle game view (left) and finished game (right)

There is actually a lot of strategy in this game as you don’t want to put that third line to a box down and give your opponent the chance to score.  You will see long snakes develop and with getting to go again when you make a box you will be able to complete the whole snake!  Once all of the boxes are made each player counts up the number of boxes they claimed and the highest number wins.

Wrap Up

These are three great games that I have played throughout my life and I highly suggest that you give them a try.  Remember that you are not trying to be an artist with any of them and just need to play and have fun.

Colored PencilsThe best part about these games is they are very easy to play and can be played on the go or while you are out and waiting.  My family and I often will play these games while out at a restaurant waiting to be seated or while waiting for our food to be served.  Also, don’t forget about other simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe & Hangman too!

If you have any questions about these games, please do not hesitate to ask below in the comments and I will answer them for you.  Also, if you have any other drawing games that you would like to share, please do so!  I have also provided a checkbox that if checked you will get a notification of any replies to your comment.  Thanks for stopping by!


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10 Replies to “Drawing Games for Kids and Adults”

  1. I enjoyed that! It was like time traveling! My favorite game is the War Game. I did not play that at home though, It’s a recess game for us in our grade school. Thank you for re-living my happy childhood days!

    • Marco, One of the things I enjoy the most when moderating comments is to see that I was able to bring back memories for someone. I am really happy that you enjoyed the post and hope that you get a chance to play some of the games again now. Thanks for stopping by!

    • lotus, I am glad that you are excited to play the Doodle Game! I hope that it works out well for you and I would love to see some of your Doodles!

  2. I used to play the Box Game when I was in grammar school. Fun game! That War Game sounds cool! I love any type of game that’s war related, like Risk, Startego,… – Great post James!

    • My daughter beat me soundly in the game we played last night when I got the pictures. I have always enjoyed it and the basic strategy that it enforces. I am glad you liked the war game, let me know how that works out for you!

  3. These are awesome! I love drawing games. I have two nephews, 9 and 10 respectively, who come to my place and wander around bored out of their skulls. I’m going to play that box game with them! Thanks!

    • That’s great to hear Max. I am glad that I was able to bring some value to your family with this post. Let me know how it works out for you!

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