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  1. Great web site! My family and I love board games. My adult children and grandchildren all play with us many favorites such as Sorry, Monopoly, Dominos (chicken scratch) and Yahtzee to name a few. The video version of the Game of Life is a fun one to play with your family or friends.
    It’s so much more personal and interactive to play a game with people in the same romm as you than video games where you can’t even see your opponents.
    Thanks for the great site and bringing quality together time back into the new age!

    • You are right about there just being something special being all together in the same room to game. You just can’t beat that feeling of fun.

      Right now the Board Game Industry is really starting to take off with a ton of new companies and games. We got a bunch for Christmas that I will be working up reviews for in the near future.

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