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I wanted to explore some cardgames kids enjoy today. The games I will review today are geared more towards your younger kids. I will be focusing in on just a few games particularly today.

• Go Fish
• War
• Concentration

Go FishGo Fish

Probably one of the most common card games for young kids is Go Fish. It is a very simple game to play, making it easy for young minds to pick up on.


The Basic concept is to deal out a hand of cards to each player with the remaining cards spread out on the table forming the ocean. The amount of cards varies according to how many players there are. If there are 5 or more players each player gets 5 cards & if there are 4 or less than each gets 7.

Once Play begins, the players take turns asking other players for a type of card, such as a 3, 8, or jack. The player asking must have one of the types of card they are asking for. If the opposing player has one of the cards asked for he must give it to the asking player and if they don’t they tell the player to Go Fish! If the player receives a card from the other player he puts down his pair and gets to go again. If they have to Go Fish they get to draw a random card from the ocean and their turn is over, unless they pulled out the card they were looking for.

The game comes to an end once all the pairs have been made and laid down. The player with the most pairs wins the game. If a player runs out of cards before other players they must wait until the end of the game as they cannot get any more cards.

Pros & Cons

There are many positives to this card game, which explains why it has stood the test of time. It can be played in a fairly quick amount of time and very rarely drags on. The game can also be modified rather easily, such as playing to collect all 4 of a type instead of just a pair. The game also helps young minds work on their memory skills along with some very basic concepts of strategy.

This is one of those simple games that really is pretty solid, however there are a couple challenges that it faces. First off, make sure everyone is on the same page of rules before game play starts. Due to the variations of play, that can sometimes cause confusion. The other thing to beware is the experienced players or older players can more easily out maneuver a younger player.


Perhaps maybe one of the easiest card games for young players is the game of War. Typically a game played between two players, but can be done with more as well.


The whole deck is dealt out to the players so that everyone has the same amount of cards, any extra cards are left face down to the side if they can’t be dealt out evenly. The players do not look at their cards and instead keep them in a facedown stack.
Play begins with each player flipping up their top card to the table. The player with the highest card then wins all the face up cards and collects them. Collected cards are added to the bottom of that players stack.

Cards WarShould there be a tie for the highest card, those players in the tie then participate in a battle. Each player lays three cards face down followed by flipping a forth card face up. As players participating in the battle put these cards out in unison both state, “I de-clare War!” A card is laid down with each syllable. The player with the highest face up card wins. Should there be another tie, then the players would do another battle until someone wins. The player that wins a battle gets all of the cards from the initial tie to the final victory.

The game is won by the player that collects all of the cards.

Pros & Cons

This is an extremely easy game to play and players of all ages can pick it up and play. There are no strategies or any extra thinking that needs to be done.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the game is that it can sometimes go on forever. Ok while not forever literally, but it can feel like it. If you are playing with more than two players it can leave some people who run out of cards early sitting there for a long time.


I have mostly seen this game played as a purchased game with specific cards, however I will go over how to play with a regular deck of cards.


First off do not remove the jokers to play this game, they are included. Shuffle the cards and place them all facedown without looking at them. It is best to set them up in 6 rows of 9.

Concentration Setup

Players take turns turning two cards face up each turn looking for a pair. A pair consists of two cards of the same value & color. For example the 3 of hearts & the 3 of diamonds would be a pair and a jack of spades and jack of hearts would not be. When a player makes a pair, they get to go again.

The game is over when all of the pairs have been collected. The winning player is the one who has the most pairs at the end of the game.

Pros & Cons

The game is very easy to set up and play and appropriate for all ages. There is a great benefit in the memory skills that the game will help create. Lastly, the game can be played in a relatively short amount of time.

The biggest drawback of this game is that it can be frustrating for beginners that have yet to develop their memory skills. Compared to other card games it does take up a fair amount of table space to play.


These are three very good basic card games kids enjoy. I recommend Concentration the most out of these games as it was my childhood favorite and also offers the most benefits in skill building. All three games however are solid & fun games to play with your kids!

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. Also, if you have any tips or other cardgames kids enjoy, please feel free to share.

James W D

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  1. Hi James, this is a great site and brings back memories of playing games with my brothers as we grew up. A lot of kids, unfortunately, miss out on this type of fun.

    Could you let me know if you will be doing reviews on 3-5 year old games. As it is getting near to Christmas and I am running out of ideas.

    Thanks, in advance.

  2. Great looking site good for anyone wanting to learn these card games. Helps the younger generation learn some of the older card games. Very informative Great job.

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