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When it comes to tabletop games and their benefits, there is one that stands up proudly at the front of the line… Thinking about what you are doing.

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So what do I exactly mean by that? Well, pretty much exactly what it says.  When you play any type of tabletop game you do not have a computer or a video game console holding your hand.  You have to know the rules, learn the strategies of the game, and directly interact with other players.

Often in today’s world of video or computer gaming, your are following a pattern or script, much like a bouncing ball follows the lyrics.  Even with some of the advanced MMORGs I have played, it all boiled down to a simple pattern that was repeated… frequently.  I know it aggravated me when people would talk in game about what rotation should they use, they just wanted to learn the pattern and not what they were actually doing.

Man ThinkingWith tabletop games you need to actually think about what you are doing and why.  There is no set rotation of how to play the game, and you have to know what you are doing.  You also have the other players of the game right there with you that you are interacting with and having a good time with.  Basically, what I am saying here is that it forces you to use your mind with all of the interactions.

I remember when I was a toddler and I was playing on our Odyssey Game System.  The racing game at that time followed a pattern for the traffic you had to avoid.  I picked up rather quickly that the game was just a matter of repeating that pattern and just needing to be able to do it faster and faster.  After I had figured out the pattern, I no longer had to think about the game, it was all just rinse and repeat.  Often times, even though today’s games are more advanced, they still follow the repeating patterns.

Also, when it comes to video games & computer games, they generally wear out, break, or change.  You can’t always just pull it off the shelf and play it again.  There are several old computer games that I would love to play again, but basically I can’t.  I have my old Odyssey System still, but the one cord broke and I am not even sure I could hook it up to a modern TV.  However, I can easily go grab a board game off the shelf and it hasn’t changed or became outdated while it was sitting there.

Family Playing Board Game
Put your family first when it comes to Game Night! Bill Branson (Photographer)

Alas, I hope that this makes you think a little more about playing some tabletop games.  Whether its a card game, board game, role playing game, or whatever.  Let your imagination rule the day!

Please make sure you ask any questions you have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Also, feel free to share any tips or ideas you may have as well.


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3 Replies to “Benefits of Tabletop Games”

  1. Like the family you have pictured above, a board game (or cards) is excellent for family togetherness, to interact, share excitement, strategies, and just for kids to learn. Games like Monopoly and Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Cashflow’ can be very educational for older children. It gets kids away from the computer etc. for a while.

  2. Though I’ve been in the video game industry for 25 years, when I am hanging out with friends I would rather play a table top game than a video game. I deal with video games all the time for work. For enjoyment I prefer it NOT be a video game. 🙂

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