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Today we will be discussing the benefits of Legos, one of the most popular toys for kids over the last few decades.  They are a great toy and I will also share some good reasons why you should play Lego games with your kids.

Overview Of The History Of Legos

Lego Pieces
Legos have been growing in popularity for over 60 years!

Legos were born from a woodworking company from Denmark in the years following WWII, when plastic became available there.  They would slowly take shape to what we know today over the next several decades.

At first, the plastic toys were not very well received by the public as they preferred the more durable wooden or metal toys.  It was not until the Lego Group came up with the “Town Plan” system for the blocks that they started to pick up steam.  A decade later, one of their most successful systems would come into play, the Lego Train System.

Once the 70s hit, the Lego momentum began to reach a fever pitch and over the next several decades would continue to grow and expand.  In 1978 the Lego minifigure would hit the market and help to vastly improve the possibilities of Legos forever.

The Many Different Types Of Sets

One of the best aspects of Legos is that they can cross into just about any genre that is out there.  From Castle Sets to Space Age sets and everything between and out side of that have fallen into becoming a Lego set.

Lego Castle Set
I shared my love of the Castle sets with my kids.

My family in particular, has always enjoyed the Castle sets.  From my childhood to that of my children, I have passed along the desire to build creative castles.  Then we would have little adventures using the many various minifigures available, including horses and dragons.

Many popular movies and TV shows have also become parts of the Lego Universe, such as Star Wars and Spongebob Squarepants.  This has allowed for children (of all ages) to recreate scenes from their favorite shows.

Lego Games Kids Play

There are several different types of games when it comes to Legos.  The first are games that can be played with any type of Legos, and then board games with a Lego theme as well.  Don’t forget the many different types of video games that are also based on them too.

Lego Game The Hobbit
Lego games cover just as many different genres as Lego sets themselves!

With Legos in general, your imagination is the limit when its comes to the games that you can play.  If you are not comfortable with that concept, just let your children take the reigns and lead the way.

There many different types of board games available within the Lego genre as well.  Games like Creationary, where it is like Pictionary but with Legos.  Then there are also games that follow movie themes such as, The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey.

Build With Chrome

Recently I also stumbled across another cool thing with Legos and that is the Build With Chrome.  You do have to use the Chrome browser to play obviously, but it will allow you to play with Legos right on your computer!

Here you can do freestyle building or you can go to the Academy and participate in it’s building challenges.  You can even share your creations with the world as well as see all of the different things created by others.

Positives And Benefits

Lego Set Alex's First
Alex has never taken apart the first set he put together on his own.

In 1964 the first instruction manuals were introduced and thus the benefit of learning to follow directions came into play.  I can still remember clearly when my youngest son followed the directions on his own to build the set.  He was so proud of what he had accomplished on his own.

Obviously one of the biggest benefits of playing with Legos though is how it helps you develop your imagination and creativity.  Building what the set’s directions is one thing, but creating your own works can be just as fulfilling.

Another great aspect of playing Legos together is the social aspect.  When we break out our big wagon of Legos we often have to communicate clearly with each other what we are doing and what pieces we are all looking for.  This can also to help create an atmosphere of teamwork as well.


There are definitely some certain challenges that can go along with Legos.  One of the biggest can be when you mix the sets together and want to go back to build one in particular.  It can be hard to find the pieces you need when mixed with a plethora of others.

Also their small size can create some problems as well.  They very easily can get lost throughout the house and mixed into other things.  They can also be hard to take apart if you do not have good dexterity in your hands.  If you have little ones around you must also be mindful of them getting into their mouths as well.

Lego Pain Stepped On One

Lastly, one of the biggest challenges is clean up time.  Very often our whole wagon gets dumped so that we can search through the pieces easier.  This makes it more tedious to clean up and can lead to the challenges mentioned above.  Also, one of the most inherent “dangers” is stepping on a Lego with the bare foot.

Wrap Up

In the end, Legos are a great toy that just about any family can play with.  With the many different themes or genres, just about any interest is covered.  If you would like to explore and see what sets are available I have included a link to a search for them at Amazon below.

I would also love to here about how Legos have been a positive influence in your family’s life.  Please share your stories below in the comment section.  Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them there as well.  Lastly, if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your favorite social media outlet.

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24 Replies to “Benefits of Legos – Why You Should Play Lego Games With Your Kids”

  1. I would say 8 on the pain scale. Stepping on a lego is no picnic.

    I agree that legos are create for developing creativity and teamwork. Reading this post brought me back to my childhood.

    • Thanks much for your feedback. I always enjoy playing with them on occasion. My kids think I am some sort of master builder, but in reality I try to build things symmetrically.

  2. I spent hours playing with Legos with my son. I think they absolutely helped him develop into the amazingly creative person he is today. We also did a lot of puzzles and interacted in numerous board games as a family. He’s now a Freshman at the University of Montana and studies jazz piano. He’s so talented I get goosies when I watch him play. He’s applying to NYU for his junior year.

    Great site.

    • Tina, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and for your feedback. Legos are definitely a great way to help a kid to develop their creativity. I am glad that they played a pivotal role in your son’s development.

  3. I love legos!!! However I personally feel that these days, the lego sets actually reduce the amount of creativity that can be unleashed. I prefer if the lego pieces came in one box and allow the children to just do what they want instead of fixating on building a set from a manual. Cheers! 🙂

    • I can certainly understand your point of view there. However, with each additional set you can allow your creativity to go to work on combining them to make all kinds of neat things. We have had many different castle sets over the years and now they are all in one big bin. When we build castles now it is not by the manual anymore!

    • Well my overall niche is more about having a family game night and the various ideas for that. Along with that I really try to explore all the benefits of the different games and spending time together. Legos are just one small cog in this machine.

  4. Hey James, I think we all love our legos. I grew up with them my kids have grown up with them and I think it’s safe to say my grand kids will most likely grow up with them. And yes I’ve stepped on many a piece bare footed, I would give that an unexpected pain rate of about 7/10,, LOL

    I enjoyed the read about the history I had no idea they dated back that far. cheers for the brief history lesson..

    • Most kids did have access to Legos, that is for sure. I was surprised myself when I learned just how old they were. I really enjoyed reading about all the steps that they went through and felt the need to give a minor overview of that in this post.

  5. Never played with Logos but stepped on quite a few. But never knew there were so many. I will pick up a set to play with my grandchild and neice. We will have a blast!

    • Yes, stepping on Legos with a bare foot is never fun. I am glad that you will be picking up some to play with your family as they can be a lot of fun.

  6. Hey theres, thanks for the info, legos are awesome to play with! I did not know there were lego board games, that is interesting. I would just always use my imagination and build whatever I wanted! Thats why I like legos. (: and playing with legos on your computer? dang thats a whole new level! I’d prefer hands on lego play. haha thanks for the info!

    • Well I am glad that I was able to pass along something new for you. I have mostly been an imagination builder myself, but the games are fun in their own way too.

    • You don’t have to be good with Legos as it all comes down to imagination and having fun with whatever you built.

  7. Ah, Legos are so awesome. I was addicted to them as a kid and I still can’t help but look at them when I pass by a toy store. Great site BTW.

    • I totally understand that. When I walk past the toy sections in stores, I often wonder down the Lego isle and marvel at all the cool and different sets.

    • Hey Craig, that is awesome as I know there are a lot of cool Star Wars Lego sets out there. I am sure you will have plenty to work with there!

  8. I LOVE Lego!

    I found it amusing how you focused on all the Lego ‘kits’ and whatnot, but didn’t even mention the original Lego set. Nothing but plastic blocks and an unlimited imagination.

    While I understand the thrill of castles and other different options, in my opinion there’s nothing like having a ton of pieces with no catalog, no instruction manuals and perhaps nothing else at all!

    I remember as a child, when my cousins would join us at Grandma’s, we used to all trek down to the basement and fill the afternoons with Lego fun. We would very often build farms, taking animals and ‘menchies’ from other toy sets to make our farms complete. I find this to be a better use of the imagination that having that all come together…

    Even today, when I’m babysitting or running programs for children, Lego is one of the first toys I bring out – because I’m always happy to join in that game 🙂

    Thanks for bringing back those memories!


    • Stephanie, my intent here was to share all of the different aspects of Legos and give them a broad overview. I agree that just having a plethora of pieces is just as fun as playing with the specific sets.

      Glad that I was able to rekindle some old memories for you and also to see that you still are sharing your love of them today.

  9. Wow! this brings back some awesome memories 🙂
    I always played with lego as a kid, it was paradise haha!
    I also like the “build with chrome” section, sounds good.

    • I too have spent many countless hours playing with Legos throughout my life. Definitely a great fun and social toy. I have played with the Build With Chrome a little bit, but really just found it so I still have a lot to explore there.

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