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Here I will review the Beat The Parents board game by Spin Master.  This was a game that my family received for Christmas from my brother.  The game it self pits kids versus parents in a trivia challenge.

Beat The Parents By Spin Master
Beat The Parents, by Spin Master

Beat The Parents – By Spin Master

  • Ages – 6+
  • Players – 2+
  • Play Time – Medium, 30-60 minutes

Game Mechanics

  • Trivia
  • Strategy
  • Piece Movement
  • Team Play
  • Memory

How To Play

Beat The Parents Board Set Up
Each team starts on one side and has to race past the other to victory!

This game is kids versus parents in a mad dash of trivia.  It is designed for the parents to answer questions about kid’s stuff, while the kids have to answer things the parents should know.  All the while you are trying to be the first to move your pieces across the board to win.

Each team starts at one end of the board and must race across to the other side.  In order to move a piece you have to answer a trivia question correctly.  If you do, you get to move a space and are asked a second question.  That can repeat for a third time as well.  You can only move one piece per turn though, you cannot split the movement between the two.

While crossing the board though, there are certain dangers to watch out for.  The first is that if an opponent piece lands on your’s, they get to knock you back two spaces!  The second danger is ending your turn on an opponent’s Wild space.  There you have to draw a card and suffer the consequences.

Beat The Parents Question Cards
Each card has three questions for each team.

Speaking of the Wild spaces, they are interesting spots on the board.  Each team has spaces that goes the whole way across one row of the board.  Landing on your own gives you a beneficial move.  However as stated above, there are negative movement effects for ending your turn on your opponent’s.


Beat The Parents Game Storage
Another positive is how well the box is designed for storage and rules.

My wife and I are not huge trivia game fans, but I will say that we ended up having a lot of fun playing with the kids.  With having three kids over a wider range of years we were actually pretty well versed for the questions we had to answer.  The questions for the kids also seemed appropriate.

One value that this game can really help with is teamwork.  It was quite fun to watch the kids discuss what they thought was the right answer and why the team should take one over the other.  I chuckled a few times as the negotiating skills of my youngest, Alex, outdid his sister, Ashley, and convinced her to go with his answers.

Other good teaching points included understanding the strategy behind moving your pieces and the knowledge gained.  Between the Wild spaces and your opponents, you had to be careful where you moved next.  The game also helps your kids to learn some valuable facts along the way.


The biggest challenge with this game for me personally was the length of play.  Our first game was taking so long that we had to take our second pieces out of play.  Then in games after they went a lot quicker and we went from one piece to two!  What it boiled down to, is how aggressive you were with knocking your opponent’s backwards.  If you really focus on that it can draw a game out to longer lengths.

Beat The Parents Pieces In Play
Being too aggressive with knocking your opponents pieces back can lengthen the game!

The other challenge of the game is the replay-ability of it.  There are only so many question cards and if a game drags on you will go through a lot of them.  Then when you play again, you will see a lot of repeat questions popping up.


While I don’t think that this is a great game, I do think it is a good game to have in a collection.  I think it gets a boost in the fun levels since it is kids versus parents.  As I stated earlier, we have had a lot of fun each time we played.

Thumbs Middle
Not the greatest game, but still fun.

Taking into consideration the replay-ability, it is a game that can be played every now and again.  If you play it too frequently, you will cycle through the question cards too fast and the trivia will be too easy.  With a sufficient pause between games though, there will be enough “forgetfulness” to make the game fun and challenging again.  Spin Master now has a Disney Version of the game!

Wrap Up

Please feel free to discuss the game in the comment section below.  If you have any questions, you can ask them there as well and I will do my best to answer them promptly.

If you are interested in purchasing this game for your family, feel free to purchase Beat The Parents here and help support this site.  We truly appreciate you stopping by and hope that you have found value with our content.

James W D

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29 Replies to “Beat The Parents Board Game Review”

  1. Hi. I really don’t get the concept of the wild card spaces. Please help! If you finish on an opponents wild card, u have to pick up their wild card and end up moving back a space or two? So surely it makes more sense to just answer your last question wrong?? Where is the logic in this??

    • Jack, I actually agree with you. The way the game plays there are times where you will want to be wrong with your answer. The trick is to guide your pawns to a position that allows you to skip past those nasty spots. Sorry for the delayed response, I thought I had answered this for you before.

    • Sorry for the delay in answering this, but as I recall playing the game it was our understanding that it did cause an interaction with that space.

  2. One question asks what two seasons are there at the equator? I always assumed a season was spring, summer, fall and winter. Apparently, it’s the WET season and DRY season…..I thought those were climates ?! What the hell?

    • Well, I think that boils down to how we are raised within our local vernacular, or in other words your local lingo. We are used to the 4 seasons here in the United States, but in many other parts of the world they don’t have them. There are many places where you have the Wet & Dry seasons.

      When I come across bits like this I look at them as a learning experience which is a good thing. Trivia games especially do well in helping us to learn new facts and now you have a new one for your life.

      • One of the kid questions are what city is the Pentagon building in. The card says Washington DC. The area the Pentagon is in has not been part of DC since 1861, prior to the idea of the Pentagon. It is located in Arlington VA, right beside Arlington House aka Arlington National Cemetery.

        • Interesting Catch there Bryan. I had always associated the Pentagon with Washington DC as well, so I learned something new today. Thank you!

  3. Me and my family just played this game and it is great fun. The only problem was we checked the wild cards on the kids side and it’s impossible for the parents to win so they keep taking Back steps, so no matter how bad the children are at the game they always win because the parents can’t, it’s impossible.

    • Millie, the trick is to avoid landing on your opponents Wild Card Spaces. They are always a bad spot to land on. The strategy is to land just before them so on your next turn you can move multiple spaces right past it. Just don’t miss the question that lets you get past it. Remember the Wild Card only fires off if you finish your turn on it.

    • Terry, To answer your question, yes. You need to get all of your pieces across the board an onto your opponents start spaces to win the game.

  4. James, I was searching the internet for some games for my kids, ages 6-12, and came across your website. I have to say your site was very informational and engaging. My wife and I spent quite a bit of time going through your recommendations. As a parent, I am always looking for more ways to spend quality time with my kids that doesn’t include just watching TV or playing video games. I liked the Beat the Parents game review and we are going to buy it for Christmas present for the family. We will be back to see what’s new and to update you on our feedback on the game.

    • Bob, glad I was able to help you and your family! I have had a lot of fun playing Beat the Parents and I am sure your kids will enjoy it. Check back soon as I will be posting some more game reviews here with the beginning of the new year and one in particular may be right up your family’s alley.

  5. I am thinking about getting Beat the Parents for my nephew for Christmas, but he is 15, and he is a single child. Would the game still work for him, or are the questions really designed for younger kids? And can a family of 3 play it, or does it have to be 4 or more players, in teams of 2?

    • I would say that the questions are geared more towards the younger crowd for the kids. However, you can just as easily use the parents questions for both parties. The game is designed for two teams, regardless the number of players.

    • My kids enjoyed it and we have had fun each time we have played. I do like my games to have a certain level of replay-ability though. Just have to make sure you leave some space between times you play and you should be fine.

  6. I was looking into buying a new board game for the family and this does look quite good, especially the kids v adults aspect to it. Thanks for this very thorough review

    • Steve, the game is definitely good when it comes to that aspect. There is just something about it that adds a bit of spice to the overall play of the game. I hope that it brings your family a lot of enjoyment!

  7. Hi,
    Sounds like a fun game. I have always liked to play games and have tried to pass that on to my kids who are now parents. I’ll have to tell them about this one and try it out. Thanks for a good review on it.

    • Thanks for your feedback Judy, I hope that you kids & grand kids try it out. It can definitely be a lot of fun. I appreciate you passing it on!

  8. Great and helpful review. I saw this game the other day and took a look at it as I was thinking about my sister’s family. She has three kids too. But, I decided it was not really her cup of tea. After reading your review, I see mine was the right decision. Thank you for the well written and well presented review.

    • Thanks for your input Ian. The game is definitely not for everyone, but still can be fun. I am glad that I was able to help give you some piece of mind on your decision.

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